Terfo, Woven of the Papuan Sobey Tribe from Nipah Leaves

goodmorningpapua.com – Terfo is a type of woven originating from the Sobey Tribe who live in Sawar Village, Sarmi District, Sarmi Regency, Papua. This weaving is in the form of plaits that use nipa leaves as the basic material.

Terfo woven fabric can also be said to be the legacy of our ancestors which is still taught from generation to generation to this day. It is called weaving because in its manufacture, terfo uses tools in the form of simple looms.

However, in the process of learning to weave, children are usually taught to creat plaits using woolen threads. As is well known, terfo’s main raw material is the nipah tree (Oncosperma tigillarium). In the ethnic language of the Sobey people, this material is called pea.

The part of the pea that is taken is the young shoots of the leaves. There is no special ritual in taking the young shoots, but care must be taken so that the leaves are not damaged.

The weaving done by the women is done at the time of manufacture which depends on the shape to be made. If you are going to make cloth, usually the weaving process takes more than one week.

However, there is also the production of terfo cloth which takes a very long time, which is up to one month. The process starts from collecting materials in the forest, boiling nipa leaves, dyeing, spinning into yarn, to the weaving process.

The coloring of terfo cloth uses natural colors, namely palm leaves which are dried for 3 days, then boiled for 1 hour so that the fibers are released. The fibers are then stored in a container.

After it cools and dries, the fibers are separated and cleaned. Fiber that has been cleaned in sea water, then rinsed with clean water.

Next, the fibers are dried in the sun for several hours and twisted into threads. The thread is then dyed in red, black, yellow or blue dye. While white is the basic color.

The motif on the terfo cloth is an interesting crossing of lines. In the past, Terfo cloth was used for traditional clothing and other customary purposes.

Terfo cloth is generally used as a bottom for women in traditional ceremonies. This cloth can also be used as a scarf.

There are various terfo fabric variants. This cloth can be used as clothes, scarves, bottoms, or even towels.

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