Telkomsel Says Ready to Support an Online Learning in Jayapura City – Telkomsel of Papua-Maluku Region is ready to support online learning or schooling which is being discussed by the Jayapura City Government.

A Telkomsel Jayapura Network Service Manager, Heri Suryanto, stated that he had prepared a network for the Jayapura City area. Around 290 BTS (Base Transceiver Station) belonging to Telkomsel have been spread across the capital city of Papua.

“We are very ready, because we have more than 290 BTS and the capacity is safe so far,” said Heri, Friday, February 4, 2022.

Telkomsel also continues to monitor and watch capacity. Heri hopes that there will be no network disturbances during the implementation of online learning. “For yesterday’s network disturbance, it was different from the one at sea, yesterday it was more to the device,” he said.

The same was conveyed by the Manager of Telkomsel Jayapura Branch, Nur Syaiful Annas who stated his readiness to support the online learning process by trying to provide an internet network.

“We are ready to collaborate again with the Ministry of Education and Culture if in the future internet quota assistance will be applied again for students and teaching staff. We are ready to provide support and assistance,” said Nur.

Previously, the Jayapura City Government would re-impose the online learning system in Jayapura City. Online learning only applies to PAUD to junior high school level.

The application of online learning follows the surge in new Covid-19 cases at Jayapura City in early February 2022. Based on data from the Papua Covid-19 Task Force, 213 active cases occurred in Jayapura City.

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