Telkomsel Guarantees Availability of Digital Products and Services During Nataru – Telkomsel for Regional Maluku, Papua and West Papua, guarantees the availability of digital products and services during Christmas and the New Year (Nataru) on Cenderawasih Earth.

A General Manager of Network Service Assurance Telkomsel Maluku & Papua Agus Sugiarto explained, of the 15 Points of Interest (POI), 7 of them were focused on residential areas because they were still during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the other 8 POIs consist of 5 airport and terminal POIs, 2 public locations, and 1 hospital. “Telkomsel has carried out a number of activities to strengthen quality and capacity to the predetermined POI network coverage,” said Agus, Monday, December 20, 2021.

The strengthening of quality and capacity in the form of optimization of 508 BTS, the addition of 3 units of Compact Mobile BTS (COMBAT) and the addition of 37 BTS with 4G/LTE technology spread across the Maluku Papua Region. “In the Jayapura Branch area, there are 2 POIs, namely at Sentani Airport and Ruko Entrop,” he explained.

Agus ensured that the network readiness had reached the target of 100 percent from a number of programs that had been set. He also predicts that there will be an increase in data traffic at Christmas by 8.02 percent compared to normal days.

“For the moment of the turn of the year, data traffic is predicted to increase by 13.59 percent compared to normal days. Meanwhile, voice traffic during the Nataru period is predicted to increase by 0.53 percent compared to normal days,” said Agus.

A General Manager of Consumer Sales for Telkomsel Maluku & Papua, Yuli Haryadi, guarantees the availability of products, either it credit, starter packs, or various digital packages for customers.

“We work with distributor partners or Telkomsel Authorized Partners spread over 25 points. We have also prepared 100 SIAGA Outlets, 23 Mobile GraPARI (MOGI), and 98 direct sales teams to pick up the ball, so that it is easier for customers to get Telkomsel products,” said Yuli.

For the Jayapura Branch area, Yuli explained, there are 24 SIAGA Outlets and 7 MOGI units, which are divided into 12 SIAGA Outlets and 5 MOGI units in the Jayapura Cluster. Meanwhile, in the Sentani Cluster, there are 12 SIAGA outlets and 2 MOGI units.

“Hopefully, with #Continue to Engage the spirit of sharing which is always implemented by Telkomsel, it can foster enthusiasm and hope for the affected communities to be able to rise again through this challenging year,” Yuli hoped.

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