Telkom Prepares a World Class Infrastructure for PON in Papua – Preparations for the National Sports Week (PON) XX in Papua have begun. As one of the supports for the provision of telecommunications infrastructure and services, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (TLKM) also made preparations to ensure smooth communication and internet connectivity during the event.

Various forms of preparation have been conducted, including the network tests (rehearsal tests) and infrastructure checks that will be used as the backbone of communication during PON XX  of Papua 2021. The network tests were carried out on backbone infrastructure, access networks and services for both Telkom and Telkomsel, including the Sulawesi-Maluku-Papua Cable System (SMPCS) in the form of submarine cables, satellites, IP radio, and cyber security attack (DDoS protection).

The telecommunications network test for PON XX of Papua 2021 has also been conducted by Telkom in the last 3 months. Since June 2021, the rehearsal tests have been carried out by Telkom to ensure the smooth and secure connectivity of the telecommunications network for  PON XX of Papua 2021.  In those 3 months, network tests were conducted through 61 activities consisting of various different disturbance scenarios. Various disruption scenarios are prepared to train officers and systems to be able to overcome problems arising during the 2021 PON XX of Papua.

Meanwhile, the Daily Chair of PB-PON Yunus Wonda expressed his appreciation for Telkom’s infrastructure support for the implementation of the   PON XX of Papua 2021. He expressed that apart from the infrastructure prepared with international standards, all venues had been prepared with international extents.

In order for the security of communication networks during PON XX of Papua 2021 to take place effectively, Telkom has formed a Task Force consisting of more than 900 people consisting of special technicians, in addition to the support of regular technicians and experts in Papua and other areas in Indonesia. The hundreds of personnel are on duty every day at 49 venues from the four regencies/cities where the event is held, namely Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Mimika Regency, and Merauke Regency.

In addition to ensure network security and readiness in the four regencies/cities that will host the XX Papua PON 2021, the Telkom Task Force is also tasked with mitigating risks in the Sulawesi-Maluku-Papua Cable System (SMPCS) including the East Palapa Ring network, satellites, radio towers, and submarine cables.

Monitoring of systems and networks has been carried out by the company on a hybrid basis, relying on human and robots that utilize RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and machine learning technology. The smart monitoring method is applied to speed up handling in the event of a disturbance, and to ensure that the entire system can run properly according to its function.

In addition to preparing the communication network infrastructure, Telkom also provides a wireless internet access point (WiFi) to support smooth internet connectivity during the 2021 PON XX of Papua. Telkom has prepared 891 WiFi points spread throughout the competition arena for PON XX of Papua 2021, public spaces, and can be accessed by the public for free. Hundreds of WiFi points provided by Telkom have a bandwidth capacity of more than 100 Gbps.

A Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom Edi Witjara said Telkom also provides 379 units of IndiHome cable-based internet connection facilities (fixed broadband). These hundreds of IndiHome devices are provided by Telkom in several vital locations, including the athletes’ homestay, to meet the needs of the contingents who will compete.

The assistance provided by Telkom is not only to ensure smooth connections and communications during PON XX Papua 2021. The company also provides assistance for the sports and education sectors in Papua, so that human resource development there can run more optimally in the future.

The assistance provided through the Charity Telkom Peduli Papua program in the form of procurement of sports equipment and IndiHome internet services for a year for the Batik Jayapura Soccer School (SSB), as well as assistance for the construction of a computer laboratory and internet services for a year for Harapan Timika Vocational School and Yos Sudarso YPPK High School. The total assistance provided by Telkom through this program reached Rp. 300 million.

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