Tanjung Tunung in Yakonde Village, a Must-Visit Tourist Spot during KMAN VI

goodmorningpapua.com – Yakonde Village in Waibu District, Jayapura Regency is one of 10 locations for the Sixth Nusatara Indigenous Peoples Congress (KMAN VI) meeting.

This village, located on the outskirts of Lake Sentani, has one of the interesting tourist spots and is not inferior to other tourist spots. The local indigenous people call it Tanjung Tunung.

The location of Tanjung Tunung which is not far from the village can be reached only on foot. From above, visitors’ eyes will be spoiled by the beautiful expanse of Lake Sentani with a small bay decorated with beautiful green hills.

Many people or visitors come to enjoy the scenery or just to spend the afternoon there.

The head of Yakonde Village, Yakup Daimoe said, ahead of KMAN VI, one of the things that the Village Government pays attention to is tourist spots that can provide comfort for future guests.

Through the Development Plan Deliberation (Musrenbang), the Yakonde Village Government has budgeted funds for the construction of roads and tourist lodges in the Tanjung Tunung location.

“Actually, this year we plan to build roads, but for now we are more focused on toilets and clean water,” said Yakup Daimoe when met in his village, Monday, September 19, 2022.

Besides Tanjung Tunung, in Yakonde Village there are also other tourist spots such as a lake called Kali Buaya. To get to the location of the crocodile lake it takes about 20 minutes using a motorized boat.

“If there are guests who want to go there, we have prepared a boat to take them over there,” said Yakup Daimoe.

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