Tabi Indigenous Youth Supports the Implementation of the Indigenous Peoples Congress of the Archipelago in 2022 – TABI Indigenous Youth declares full support for the Implementation of the VI Congress of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (KMAN) being held in Tanah Tabim, Papua Province on October 24-30, 2022.

The such was conveyed by the Senior Youth Tabi Papua, Aris Kreutha, S.Sos., while acknowledging that to support the activities of the Congress VI of the Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (KMAN), his party would not remain silent, but would assist the local government and all ondofolo/ ondoafi and tribal chiefs to communicate preparations in the village or at points that have been determined by the committee as residences or activity centers.

“TABI youth are ready to welcome guests and invitees who will come from various regions in Indonesia to take part in the KMAN Congress in the Tabi customary area,” said Kaka General, nicknamed Aris Kreutha, who is a senior Youth in Tanah Tabi Papua.

On this occasion, Aris Kreutha gave his appreciation to the Regent of Jayapura, Mathius Awoitauw for the innovations and breakthroughs made for the benefit of the indigenous peoples of Tanah Tabi.

Aris Kreutha said, during the activity on Friday, September 9, 2022, at 09:30 all indigenous people witnessed a Jayapura Regent, Mathius Awoitauw who is an indigenous child and also the General Chairperson of the National Committee for KMAN VI, having a live dialogue at one of the nation’s leading television stations, namely Metro TV, explaining the readiness for the VI Congress of the Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago in Jayapura Regency.

“We as the Tabi Youth convey congratulations and success on the implementation of the VI KMAN at TABI, specifically in the Land of TABI,” said Aris Kreutha.

It is acknowledged that it is a historical moment in this republic, where the Jayapura Tanah Tabi district can unite all indigenous ethnic groups and cultures from each region from Sabang to Meroke will be present in Sentani, Jayapura Regency.

Personally, Aris said that he appreciated the struggle of the best son of Tabi, the Jayapura Regent, Mathius Awoitauw, as a Chairman of the Committee for the Congress of KAMAN VI, so that what has been fought becomes a momentum unifying for all of the national children by means of culture and customs.  Even it also unify the Tabi community, more specifically the Sentani people.

He also mentioned that the chairman of the indigenous Youth 4 Kab/1 city congratulated and succeeded in holding the Safe Congress in October.

“We have to show that Tabi is a good host, so let’s take good care of it and support the holding of the Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago Congress,” he said.

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