Surprisingly, 90 Percent of the Lapago Community Supports the Divisions – A Regent of Lanny Jaya Regency, Befa Yigibalom, SE, MSi said that 90 percent of the Lapago community accepted the presence of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) or division in Papua.

This was conveyed after the celebration of 10 years of his leadership in Lanny Jaya Regency which was packaged with a welcoming welcome from the Chairman of the Association of Papuan Central Highlands Regents in Wamena, Thursday 19 May 2022.

“If the Lapago community descends in large numbers to the Jayawijaya DPRD, they can take action to accept the new autonomous regions. From what I have said, 90 percent of the people believe that the Central Mountains Province is accepted by 90 percent of the people. Thus, if the Central Government wants to provide the new autonomous regions namely the Central Mountains Province, (It should do) in the shortest time, “Befa told reporters.

Said continued, it should be that the Central Government in granting the division should be with the weight and dignity of the state. Moreover, the Central Mountains Province is a barometer in Papua, so budget regulations must be precise.

“Perhaps the operational fund is close to Rp. 1 trillion, the infrastructure fund should be Rp. 1.5 trillion, the economic and health fund is Rp. 1 trillion, so the expected budget is Rp. 4-5 trillion in this new province. Because at the center, people know that this program is to accelerate development in Papua and to improve the welfare of the people,” he said.

Actually, said Befa, people in the Central Highlands of Papua want change with the division. In fact, he guaranteed that the people of the Central Mountains would accept the expansion of the region with the formation of the Papuan Central Mountains Province.

“The people of Lapago understand that if they are currently in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, they will work, live here and wait for the future promised by other groups, whether it will happen or not. What is clear is that the Lapago people understand and they accept the Central Mountains Province, so that the Central Government justifies it, don’t wait any longer,” said Befa.

On that occasion, Befa reminded the Central Government not to lie by presenting the expansion in the Central Highlands of Papua. Because people have longed for change.

“If the presence of this new autonomous region does not happen, the people of the Central Mountains will record in history and in their conscience for generations that the Central Government is lying. For that, I convey to provide a province that is in accordance with the quality and in accordance with the difficult natural characteristics in the Lapago region,” he said.

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