Supporting the Division, a Manifestationof the Papua Provincial Government is in accordance with the Central Government – The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Papua supports the central government’s plan to divide the territory. An intelligence and security observer, Stanislaus Riyanta, believes that the provincial government should be an extension of the central government to realize national development.

“The role of the regional government should be the extension of the central government, to be present in the community to solve community problems,” Stanislaus told Mata Indonesia News, Sunday, February 20, 2022.

The supporting was seen from the Regional Secretary for Papua Dance, Yulian Flass. He emphasized that the expansion would make government services to the community run faster.

“The economic traffic of the community and economic actors will run,” said Dance.

He also assessed that the division efforts were in line with the aspirations of the district/city governments. Likewise, a number of regents and mayors in Papua have urged that the division be carried out immediately.

The central government proposed the division of Papua into six provinces. The goal is to accelerate the achievement of development targets.

The six proposed provinces are Southwest Papua Province, West Papua, South Papua, Central Mountains, and Papua Tabi Saireri.

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