Supporting the Acceleration of Human Resources Development in the Land of Papua

PT Dongin Prabhawa presents a social education program for the younger generation in order to support programs to accelerate the development of disadvantaged areas and Human Resources (HR). The company’s program is certainly in line with the government’s program in accelerating the development of Papua’s Special Autonomy (Otsus).

All of this is done because PT Dongin Prabhawa believes that the younger generation is an important pillar in the progress of a region, especially in the Papua region.

The Social Education Program focusing on the younger generation, especially students, is carried out at YPK Mam Elementary school and Mam State Middle School which are located in the vicinity of PT Dongin Prabhawa division 2, Ngguti District, Kab. Merauke, Tuesday last week.

Some of the materials presented included diversity in Unity in Diversity and PPKN (Pancasila and Citizenship Education), these materials were distributed to students to foster a sense of nationalism and increase general knowledge. In addition, PT Dongin Prabhawa also provided material about the dangers of drugs and English for fun.

PT Dongin Prabhawa also mobilized health workers from the PT Dongin Prabhawa clinic, namely dr. Cecilia to share health-related knowledge such as PHBS (Clean and Healthy Behavior) and the dangers of smoking to students. All the material presented in this social education program aims to create a healthy and superior young generation.

Melki Salohe as a traditional community leader involved in this activity also motivated the children to be diligent in studying so they could become superior generations in the future so that they could have intellectual qualities that could compete with children outside Papua.

“I appreciate the Social Education Program implemented by the company, this program is a breath of fresh air for Papuan children,” said Melki Salohe.

The activity which was part of PT Dongin Prabhawa’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) ended with the handing over of assistance in the form of study stationery and souvenirs from the company to teachers in the form of dry sago flour which is an entrepreneurial product of the sago farmer group assisted by PT Dongin Prabhawa in Aiwat Village.

PT Dongin Prabhawa is part of the Tunas Sawa Erma Group (TSE Group) business which is engaged in oil palm plantations in Papua. PT Dongin Prabhawa is committed to implementing sustainable palm oil governance and continues to innovate to promote environmental and social responsibility.

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