Support for Indonesia’s Food and Agribusiness Sector Succeeds G20 Presidency – In order to succeed Indonesia as the G20 Presidency, a Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs held several events supporting the event from the food and agribusiness sectors, with the main theme “Indonesian Food for a Better World”.

Activities which to be carried out include commodity exposure, business meetings, festivals and carnivals, as well as talk shows, which will be held in 3 locations, namely today in Jakarta as Kick Off Events, followed by Labuan Bajo, and finally in Borobudur. , Magelang.

“The issue of food security is very important. We must really concentrate on the availability of food in the country. So, the key is only three things, namely securing the supply aspect, food diversification, and efficiency,” said a Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto when delivering his remarks at the Kick Off Events event with the sub-theme “Nusantara Food” at Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta, Wednesday (22 /06).

Indonesia’s leadership in the G20 Presidency was promoted as a bridge builder between developed and developing countries. The implementation of the G20 Indonesia Presidency in 2022 will provide economic benefits through main events, supproting events, and the Road to G20 Summit in various cities in Indonesia.

The Sherpa Meeting G20 is a strategic high-level meeting for Indonesia and becomes an arena for campaigning for a variety of Indonesia’s superior products that have potential and become the mainstay of exports, including selected Indonesian agricultural products as export mainstays.

Support for food and agribusiness sector activities will involve more levels of society, ranging from farmers as producers, BUMN, MSMEs, exporters, market players, as well as related Ministries/Institutions both at the center and in the regions.

“We really hope that through the support of this activity, it can be a momentum for the birth of various technological innovations, cooperation, investment opportunities, and export markets for the Indonesian food and agribusiness sectors,” said a Deputy for Food and Agribusiness Coordination Musdhalifah Machmud when delivering a report on the same occasion. .

A Deputy Musdhalifah also conveyed that the support for the G20 Presidency is expected to provide benefits and maximize the opportunities that exist in this G20 Presidency event to improve the economy of the Indonesian people, especially in the food and agribusiness sectors.

The series of activities since the morning is going to begun with the Harvest Carnival which showcased various superior Indonesian food products which were paraded in 8 gunungan accompanied by the Red and White Flag-bearing Troops, the Marching Band, and ondel-ondel.

On the same occasion, a Head of the National Food Agency Arief Prasetyo Adi said, “Collaboration is important for improving food governance, this is also in accordance with what was mandated by President Joko Widodo at the Plenary Cabinet Session yesterday required a good orchestration between Ministries/Institutions, BUMN, Private and regions to fulfill domestic needs as well as increase food production for Indonesia’s food export potential.”

Furthermore, when answering a number of media questions in the doorstop session, Coordinating Minister Airlangga also gave an explanation related to the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural production, food diversification, exports, food prices, availability of fertilizers, to the handling of Mouth and Nail Diseases (FMD) in livestock. .

“Indonesia has three times the area of ​​agricultural land compared to Thailand, so of course what we are pushing for is efficiency and productivity. In the future, for food diversification, we have other superior commodities,” said Coordinating Minister Airlangga in the doorstop session.

The Kick Off Event of “Pangan Nusantara” was also attended by the Minister of Industry, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, Minister of Communication and Information, Deputy Minister of Trade, representatives of a number of foreign embassies, representatives of the DKI Jakarta Government, a number of President Directors. BUMN, BUMD/Private/Association, and Academics, and supported by approximately 75 MSMEs along with a number of partners.

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