Supply Reached 62.7 Tons, Papua Gets Surplus for Rice – The Department of Agriculture and Food of the Papua Province announced the supplay of rice in Bumi Cenderawasih as of June 2022, reaching 62,776.97 tons.

Quoted from, Thursday (4/8/2022) the stock is certain to be in surplus because Papua’s rice needs currently only amount to 2,635.53 tons.

“It means that the condition of food availability specifically for rice in Papua is still stable and in a safe condition. Even if it is seen as a surplus,” said the Head of the Papua Province Agriculture and Food Service, Siriwa at a press conference on the performance of the Papua Provincial Government in the Hall of the Papua Communications and Information Office.

Even so, Siriwa said, there are still certain food commodities, such as shallots and garlic, which are still imported from outside Papua, and even tend to have the potential to increase in price.

“These two commodities are imported from three regions, namely Makassar, Surabaya and Manado to meet food needs in 29 districts and cities in Papua.”

“Indeed, there is a tendency for prices to rise, but we have sent staff to the field to monitor so that we can take steps,” he said.

Even so, he appealed to residents to remain calm and not panic. Especially when buying in bulk. Because the current food stock is still sufficient and sold at affordable prices.

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