Successfully Implementing a Full Day School, Yapen Regent Praises the Charis School – The Regent of Yapen Islands, Tonny Tesar, praised the educational progress of the Charis School which has successfully implemented the Full Day School Program or a daylong school during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This praise was conveyed by the number one person in the Yapen Islands while attending the Thanksgiving service at the end of the semester at the Charis Christian Kindergarten First Batch in Konti Village, Ywakukat District, Monday, June 13, 2022.

“I am proud of the ability of Charis students, so they can accept learning and achieve grades. I hope the Full Day School Program implemented by Charis School can be imitated by other schools,” said Tonny Tesar.

Tonny Tesar said that in 2022 there will be 5 schools appointed to be pilot projects for Full Day School in the Yapen Islands. He hopes that the five schools will be as successful as the Charis School.

“We see the results shown by Charis School, they are capable of the Full Day School program, and it is proven that education is good, and character can also be good,” he said.

He advised that education in schools should not only prioritize academics, but should be accompanied by character and religious education. So that good character is obtained by students when they grow up and mingle with family and society.

Meanwhile, the Principal of the Charis Elementary School, Jania Ximener, expressed her appreciation for the presence of the Yapen Islands Regent in receiving the report cards for the Charis Shcool Kindergarten students. Likewise, the facilities provided by the Regional Government, so that children’s education can run well.

“This year, the educational programs can be implemented well, so that 35 children can go to class, including full day school, as well as parents who have entrusted their children to our school,” said Jania Ximener.

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