Success Story of Vegetable Farmers in Yapen Papua – The cheerful expression on his face was clearly visible from the figure of Yosias Buinei, a citizen of Anoutorei Village, Yapen Islands Regency. The scorching heat of the sun did not hinder his intention to harvest a number of garden products.

With overflowing joy, Josias rushed to the side and back of his house to harvest the various vegetables grown in his garden. While lifting the cabbage, Yosias shouted with joy calling the name of Bripka Aplena Smas.

“My daughter, the vegetables are so good, come here to help father harvest, there are lots of them, Praise God,” said Yosias when he called Bripka Aplena Smas.

Bripka Aplena Smas is a female police officer (Polwan) who serves as Bhabinkamtibmas of the Yapen Islands Police who was invited by Yosias to help harvest her garden.

Yosias himself is one of the community members of the Yapen Islands Police Bhabinkamtibmas in the field of agriculture. Since Covid-19 hit the country, the Yapen Police Binmas has been involved in community recovery, both in the health sector and in the people’s economy.

As did the Brigadier General Aplena Smas in Anoutorei Village. The success of his inmates certainly makes Bripka Aplena happy. What’s more, the residents are now more developed.

In addition to providing a sense of security for the inmates during the pandemic, the assistance of Bripka Aplena certainly has a positive impact on the residents’ economy. This is because garden produce in the form of cabbage, mustard greens, cucumber and chili can be sold to support Yosias’ family.

“We provide plant seeds with the aim of helping ease the burden on our assisted residents in the village, so that people feel accustomed to the presence of the Police,” said Bripka Aplena Smas.

Bripka Aplena said that assistance to the prisoners was carried out on December 27, 2021. At that time, he only provided mustard and spinach seeds.

Who would have thought, the presence of Bripka Aplena was warmly welcomed so that the assisted residents expanded their gardens around their homes by planting cabbage, chilies, tomatoes and ketimbun.

“I thought that only the back of the house would be turned into a garden, even around the house. I was surprised by this progress, even though we don’t have much seed assistance,” said Bripka Aplena in amazement.

In addition to providing seed assistance, Bripka Aplena also often directly monitors the sustainability of the inmates. Starting from the way of gardening to the process of marketing the vegetables that have been harvested.

 “Yes, of course we don’t hand over the seeds and then finish. We also want this to be a livelihood for Mr. Yos,” said Bripka Aplena.

Josias’ garden has now grown to an area of ​​200 meters which is located behind his house. In fact, Yosias already has his own nursery thanks to the encouragement and assistance of Bripka Aplena.

This fact shows that the Yapen Islands Police Bhabinkamtibmas Program has succeeded in helping the community in the midst of the economic crush due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Like the story of Yosias who rose from adversity to be able to send his children to school.

“Initially, they only sold cassava and areca nut, but because of the guidance of this female policewoman (Bripka Aplena) from the Yapen Police, I (I) was able to grow, I know where to sell it, and I have (already) started selling vegetable seeds as well. a small kiosk, can provide school fees for children from the garden,” he said.

Yosias hopes that citizens who want to pursue a profession similar to him can have the opportunity to be fostered by the Yapen Islands Police Bhabinkamtibmas.

“I’m very happy, apart from keeping the police safe, they can also help (us). For the development of people (we) who (don’t) only work for me, I hope that the local people can also get the same benefits,” hoped Yosias.

The Regional Secretariat of the Yapen Islands Regency, Erny Tania, thanked the police for the role of Bhabinkamtibmas who diligently taught farmers to cultivate good crops, so that they obtained abundant results.

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