Students Hold Actions to Support the New Autonomous Region of Papua at Tugu Jogja – The masses who are members of the Student Alliance Supporting the New Autonomous Region (AMP DOB) held an action around Tugu Jogja, Friday (10/6/2022). This action is in support of the plan for the division of new autonomous regions in Papua.

A Field Action Coordinator, Arnold, said this action is a form of democratization and support for the central government in its efforts to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. This is in particular through the plan for the expansion of new autonomous regions and the continuation of special autonomy (otsus).

“Our stance is to support Special Autonomy Volume II for the welfare of the people in Papua, to support the plan for the division of new autonomous regions in Papua, to support the continuation of the three bills for the expansion of the land of Papua,” said Arnold.

In addition, the mass action also supports the continuation of the plan for the expansion of provinces in Papua, Southwest Papua, Central Papua, and South Papua. Support is also on the construction of the Polres and Kodim in Dogiyai Regency for the sake of public safety.

“We also support the continuation of the plan to build a space airport in Biak and reject the request for the Right of Self-Determination/Referendum by interest groups,” he said. “The AMP DOB demonstration was carried out peacefully and sympathetically without disturbing the people passing by or doing their activities around Tugu Jogja.”

Arnold also quoted an expert researcher from the UGM Papua Task Force, Gabriel Lele. He mentioned that in the perspective of needs, the proposal for the establishment of a new autonomous region for the Province of Central Papua is not only seen as a political necessity, but also a social imperative by meeting local aspirations and national interests.

“Therefore, the proposal for the formation of new autonomous regions in Papua is an urgent need to be realized,” he said.

From a political point of view, the division of Papua Province into three provincial regions provides an opportunity for the three best Papuan sons to become governors. From an economic perspective, the three regions have the same natural resource potential, namely mining. From the socio-cultural aspect, fostering, and developing culture and customs will be more effective.

“Social services and services such as education and religion, facilities and infrastructure can be improved,” said Arnold.

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