Student Requests at the Puncak Papua Make the Regent of Wandik Touched – The Regent of Puncak Papua, Willem Wandik, was moved by the wishes of the local students. Right at the moment of RI’s 77th Anniversary, student representatives asked the Regent Willem to bring back the teachers at the school.

An elementary student in Ilaga, Julpen Kogoya, who had a dialogue with the Regent Willem, conveyed his request that the regent immediately bring back teachers in Puncak Regency.

“We request the Regent to bring back the teachers to the school as usual, because we really miss going back to school. The teachers can teach us many lessons and good things. We miss the teachers at school,” said Julpen followed by approval from other students.

To note, teachers and ASN in Puncak Papua Regency had fled from Puncak Papua Regency, since April after the attacks and terrors carried out by armed civilian groups (KSB). This also has an impact on security in Puncak Papua Regency which is less conducive.

Hearing the request, Regent Willem promised the students to bring the teachers back. “We make sure that in the not too distant future, the pre-teachers will return to Ilaga, Beoga and Sinak. Teachers will also be present at Doufo and Gome to carry out their duties as usual,” he explained.

The Regional Government of Puncak Papua will also coordinate with the TNI and Polri, community leaders, tribal chiefs, so that education can resume.

“School buildings are hard to find. Teachers have also been brought to school. However, because there was no guarantee of security, the teachers fled and left Puncak. Then, the ones who lose are our children. Their future is ruined and this is the biggest human rights violation that has been made,” he said.

The Regent said that when education in Puncak Regency did not go well, it became a record of human rights violations, because the teaching and learning process could not run due to non-conducive security.

“Education is everything to a better future, there is no other way. So, I ask all parties, parents, tribal chiefs, TPN-OPM and the Indonesian National Police to maintain security,” he said.

Meanwhile, an Acting Head of the Education, Youth and Sports Office of Puncak Regency, Alfons Newegalen explained that the latest conditions in Puncak Regency, especially in Ilaga District, Beoga, in the last 3 months were unstable. This is because many migrant teachers have fled from Ilaga and only Papuan teachers remain in the school.

“Children are forced to be taught in schools by the TNI and Polri. With the regent’s instructions and security guarantees, we will return the teachers in the next week to return to work at schools,” he said.

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