Strengthening the Disaster Early Warning System in Papua – A head of the Papua Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Welliam Manderi, stressed the importance of an early warning system for natural disasters.

The goal is to anticipate the loss of many lives. Therefore, BPBD Papua will cooperate with BBMKG Region V Jayapura to strengthen the disaster early warning system in Papua.

“We will collaborate with BBMKG Region V Jayapura, so that information on potential natural disasters or early warning systems can be conveyed properly, including procedures for dealing with them,” he said.

Welliam said his party would prepare an early warning system.

“Surely we will prepare a disaster early warning system with the BMKG,” he said.

According to Welliam, the goal is to warn residents when something happens, and they already know what to do.

He realized that about 65 percent of the threat of hydrometeorological disasters often hit Earth of Cenderawasih.

“This indicates that Papua Province is very vulnerable to floods and landslides,” he said.

Thus, said Welliam, the existing residents need a better disaster early warning system, in order to prevent casualties and other related matters.

“Floods and landslides are the greatest threat in Papua. Areas that usually flood, such as Jayapura City, Sarmi and others, are prone to flooding and floods occur several times every year,” he explained.

He added that this is something that needs to be seen so that it needs good handling and anticipation.

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