Strengthening Religious Literacy for Hindu Religious Teachers In Papua – The Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of Papua Province through the Community Advisor or Hindu Pembimas held activities to strengthen religious literacy for Hindu religious teachers.

“This activity aims to increase the competition for Hindu religious teachers,” said Hindu Guidance for the Papua Ministry of Religion, I Made Suwena Widiantara, at @Home Hotel Jayapura, Saturday (5/11/2022).

Through religious literacy, attended directly by the Director of Hindu Education at the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, I Gusti Made Sunartha,  it is in order to realize quality and integrity Hindu education, which is highly dedicated to duties and positions.

The three-day activity was also attended by the Chairperson of the Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Papua, I Komang Alit Wardhana, and the Chairperson of the Women’s Hindu Dharma Wanita Indonesia (WHDI) Papua, Ni Ketut Kabeningsih.

Widiantara explained that the strengthening of religious literacy for Hindu religious teachers in Papua was attended by 40 participants, namely 12 people from Jayapura City, 7 people from Keerom Regency, 5 people from Jayapura Regency.

In addition, he continued, there were 5 people from Merauke Regency, 5 people from Nabire Regency, 2 people from Biak Numfor Regency, 2 people from Mimika Regency, 1 person from Jayawijaya Regency, and 1 person from Yapen Islands Regency.

“Preparing the administration and completeness of teachers in teaching and adding insight and knowledge in the teaching and learning process in their respective schools,” he said.

The Director of Hindu Education at the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, I Gusti Made Sunartha, said Hindu religious teachers must understand the concept of religious literacy and master technology.

“I hope that Hindu religious teachers in particular have a high literacy competition so they don’t lose to their students in the teaching and learning process,” he said.

Sunartha added that through strengthening religious literacy for Hindu religious teachers, they can increase motivation and enthusiasm in seeking knowledge, so that they become competitive teachers in order to improve the quality of education in Papua.

One of the speakers from LPMP Papua, Miswanto, said that the implementation of the Independent Curriculum or IKM should be implemented in schools.

“It is hoped that Hindu religious teachers in Papua can arrange and develop IKM-based learning according to the flow of learning objectives and learning modules to achieve the educational goals of the Pancasila Profile,” he explained.

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