Strengthening Human Resources Development, an Assistance in Papua Reaches Education Sector – The Asmat Regency Government will oversee the assistance provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) so that it is targeted and effective in advancing the lives of the Papuan people, especially the Asmat.

“We appreciate and thank you for the assistance given by the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini,” said Asmat Regent, Elisa Kambu, in a statement, Sunday (27/3/2022).

She said that herself was proud of the Minister of Social Affairs’ arrival and directly greeted residents in remote areas, namely Amagais and Erosaman Villages.

“We believe that the existing assistance can encourage the improvement of people’s lives,” she said.

To ensure this, the Asmat Regency Government will optimize the role of three channels, namely the Regency Government, religious leaders, and traditional leaders.

“These three parties are like one three stone stove. So, the government, churches and mosques, as well as traditional leaders must work together,” she explained.

The term “one stove, three stones” is better known in Fakfak, West Papua to show religious tolerance. the use of the term to indicate the important role of third parties in driving change in Asmat.

“To change Papua, it is necessary to strengthen the quality of education. If our brothers from certain tribes are given a boat, they can sail to fish. Our other brothers were given a hoe to grow crops. Papua has to go through education,” she said.

He said he was grateful because the assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs had touched the aspects of education and human resource development (HR) in Papua. One of the aids in Erosaman is the construction of a community center.

“Here, the Minister of Social Affairs has prepared various supporting facilities to strengthen human resource development, such as internet connection, electricity, television, various book titles and also teaching staff who will come regularly,” she explained.

Then in Sarmi Regency, he continued, the Minister of Social Affairs set up a community center as a center for learning activities and to strengthen the education and knowledge of residents. This effort is a response to the needs of residents in the three areas visited by the Minister of Social Affairs in Papua.

Then in Erosaman, in the opportunity to meet and dialogue with the community, they expressed their desire to receive education. They stated that they wanted the teacher to be present where they lived.

Responding to this, Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini said, in the current era, teachers do not have to come to study locations.

“There is no need for a direct meeting with the teacher. I’ll put the television on here later. You will be given an internet connection. So, teachers can teach kids here remotely. Later, I will also teach from Jakarta,” she said.

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