Strengthening a National Diplomacy, the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra Holds a Webinar on Papuan Empowerment

The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra in collaboration with the Indonesian National Police held virtually a 2nd National Dialogue with the theme “Soft Approach Policing: Binmas Noken in Papua” on 7 September 2021.

This activity is a part of public education as well as the dissemination of transparent and balanced information regarding efforts to empower the Papuan people in the context of strengthening Indonesian national insight.

Previously, the First National Dialogue was held on August 21 which brought together the Minister of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, the Governor of Lemhanas and friends from the Indonesian Student Association in Australia (PPIA).

The 2nd National Dialogue was opened by Y Kristiarto S Legowo, the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia Acting as the Key Speaker was the Deputy Chief of the National Police, Komjen Pol Dr. Gatot Eddy Pramono who comprehensively explained the active role of the National Police in the Soft Approach Policing program, especially regarding the importance of the Binmas Noken Task Force activities in Papua. Vanuatu.

It is hoped that the 2nd National Dialogue  will contribute to minimizing the perception gap and misinformation that still often occurs among the public.

This activity is also to maintain balance and transparency of information both in Indonesia and abroad through concrete actions by the Police in the field prioritizing the humanitarian and welfare approach that has been carried out through Operation Nemangkawi starting in 2018.

In general, this grounded activity is not widely known where Binmas Noken has gradually succeeded in embracing the community through community development in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, plantations, tourism, youth, community and education.

Through this discussion, it was concluded that it is important to increase concerted efforts to strengthen and expand soft approach policing in the field.

In addition, it was also emphasized the importance of support from all elements of the nation and society, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the cornerstone of Indonesian diplomacy which has a strategic position because it has access to spread this positive news to the international community.

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