Strategic Agenda of the Trans Papua Road Project for the Mamberamo-Elelim – The government held a market sounding session for investors to be involved in the building project of the Mamberamo-Elelim segment of the Trans Papua Road, which will be worked on through the Government Cooperation with Business Entity (PPP) scheme.

An Associate Planner of the Directorate of Development Funding for Development Bappenas, Astu Gagono Kendarto said, through this PPP scheme, the government invites the private sector and investors to cooperate regarding services from the construction of the Trans Papua Road infrastructure.

“In addition to infrastructure development, services are also part of the cooperation. Maintenance operations are part of what the implementing business entity will carry out during the period of its business agreement,” explained Astu in a market sounding session for the Mamberamo-Elelim segment of the Trans Papua Road project, Tuesday (6/9/2022). ).

Citing data from the Ministry of Finance, the Mamberamo-Elelim segment of the Trans Papua Road project is part of the road linking the Jayapura and Wamena areas. The location for the preservation of the Trans Papua Road starts from the direction of Wamena kilometer 366+690 with a handling length of 45.94 km.

The existing condition of the road is a solid dirt road whose asphalt is planned to be improved through the PPP scheme, which is planned to have a concession period of 15 years with a return scheme that will be used in the form of availability payment and an investment value of Rp 3.6 trillion.

The Ministry of PUPR acts as the person in charge of the cooperation project (PJPK), and in its implementation will use a scheme in the form of DBFOMT (Design Build Finance Operate Maintenance Transfer).

Furthermore, Astu said, the Mamberamo-Elelim Trans Papua road segment is an infrastructure project built for the public interest. The implementing resources can come partially or completely from the implementing business entity.

“All of it means that the project is financially feasible. But if some of it needs feasibility support from the government,” he added.

The portion of the refund for investors refers to the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 260 of 2016, concerning Payment Procedures for Service Availability in Government Cooperation Projects with Business Entities in the Framework of Infrastructure Provision.

“Later on, the Mamberamo segment of Trans Papua will return its investment from the availability of services. Then there is feasibility support and preparation funds from the Ministry of Finance,” said Astu.

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) will gradually accomplish the construction of the unfinished Trans Papua Road corridor, namely the Jayapura-Oksibil Corridor for the Keerom-Batom Section.

“Roads that have not yet penetrated Trans Papua include the Jayapura-Oksibil Corridor, the 183-kilometre (km) Keerom-Batom Section which will be completed in stages until 2024,” said PUPR Ministry Spokesman Endra S. Atmawidjaja when contacted at Jakarta, Tuesday.

He said the priority for Trans Papua development until 2024 is the completion of the Jayapura-Wamena section as a regional logistics corridor in the mountains, and the Manokwari-Mameh-Windesi-Kampung Muri-Kwatisore-Papuan Boundary Corridor.

The Trans Papua Road project, which was launched for 3,462 km, still leaves 183 km that has not been penetrated. As long as 1,647 km are already in a paved condition, namely 977 km in Papua, and 670 km in West Papua.

In addition to the Trans Papua Road, in 2022, Endra explained that the PUPR Ministry is also working on several infrastructure projects in Papua Province, namely the Yetekun Cross-Border Post (PLBN), Yetekun Access Road, Rehabilitation of 235 Educational Infrastructure units, Papua Youth Creative Hub, Merauke Diocese Building, and the Asmat Bridge.

Then, for the infrastructure that is being worked on in West Papua Province, namely the handling of Slums in Sorong City, the construction of the Tumburuni Market in Fak Fak Regency, the rehabilitation of 221 units of Educational Infrastructure and Raw Water Infrastructure in the SEZ Sorong and Bomberay Irrigation in Fak Fak Regency.

Besides, the Ministry of PUPR has also built 29 bridges on the Merauke–Sorong section, Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua to open up regional isolation and improve connectivity between regencies and cities in West Papua.

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