Story Behind the Public Education Movement in Developing the Papuan Society – A Papuan physicist and child, Septinus George Saa, told about his efforts in educating Papuan children.

Despite having a background in physics, the young Papuan leader did not hesitate to share knowledge in public education programs to the community.

“I am actively doing the Public Education, which means we provide education for adults, especially parents,” he said at the event of Tangguh Tanpa Mengeluh, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

In the Public Education program, George Saa said that many middle-aged parents still have the desire to learn and want to explore knowledge.

“The middle-aged parents, they have the desire and want to have the opportunity to learn. So I gave them the opportunity to learn English,” he said further.

Through learning English, continued George Saa, people do not always have the desire to go abroad or speak fluent English, but also have the goal for developing a movement and changing generations.

“If his parents are old enough and have a high enthusiasm for learning, he or she certainly have a base to advise his children and motivate them,” he continued.

“That way parents can give encouragement, such as ‘You have to learn, your father just being at this age still want to learn’,” he said.

Despite many obstacles and lack of support, he continues to run the program to advance the Papuan people.

“I keep doing, because we have to excel and be able to show results. And from there there will be many people who want to help us,” he concluded.

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