Still Normal, West Papua Imposes New Tariffs for Domestic and Outer City Transport Routes – A chairman of the Kaimana Transportation Drivers Organization, Amos Lesnussa in Kaimana, Monday (12/9/2022) stated that the increase in public transport fares for internal and external transportation routes had been discussed and agreed upon by the Kaimana Regency Transportation Service, West Papua.

The managers of public transportation in Kaimana Regency positively welcomed the implementation of the new tariff. That is adjusting the current rise of the price of fuel oil (BBM).

“After we coordinated, communicated and conducted a study taking into account the distance traveled, the need for fuel per kilometer, as well as the provisions for the lower and upper limits of passenger fares, the tariffs for public transportation both within the city and outside the city were adjusted to the current fuel price increase,” he explained. Amos Lesnusa.

The managers of public transportation in Kaimana hope that the agreed fare will no longer be changed and will soon be stipulated in the form of a Kaimana Regent’s Decree.

Habel Egana, a Head of Land Transportation at the Kaimana Regency Transportation Office, explained that the agreed tariff was a middle path taken by the Kaimana Transportation Agency after conducting studies related to mileage and others.

“After we conducted a survey in the field and reviewed the rules regarding the upper and lower limits of passenger fares, including calculating the fuel requirement per vehicle mileage, we then took a middle path with tariffs not burdening passengers or transport entrepreneurs,” said Abel Egana.

The mutually agreed fare will be submitted to the Kaimana Regent to be ratified as the official fare for public transportation in Kaimana Regency.

Meanwhile, Daniel Irto Batto, a Head of the Kaimana Transportation Agency, said that the agreed public transport tariff adjustment will soon be approved by the regional head to be used as the official tariff for public transportation in Kaimana.

He instructed the two-wheeled and four-wheeled service providers to comply with the agreements that had been taken, and to always prioritize the safety of passengers when providing services.

“Passengers’ rights regarding change must also be fulfilled. Do not let the passenger’s rights be ignored. Before operating, make sure to bring small money so that when a passenger pays more, the rest can be returned,” said Daniel Irto Batto.

Previously, the drivers of public transportation in Kaimana held an operating strike last Monday (5/9/2022) demanding an increase in tariffs for public transportation routes in Kaimana. This rule has been in effect since 2008.

According to the tariffs that have been in effect since 2008, the transportation route from Kampung Coa to Pasar Baru Krooy Terminal is about 7 km, it is set at IDR 7,000 and from Pasar Baru Krooy Terminal to Kaimana City, it is about 3 km, it is set at IDR 5,000.

With the current increase in fuel rates, the Kaimana transportation driver organization demands an increase in transportation fares from Kampung Coa and Trikora to Pasar Baru Krooy Terminal to IDR 10,000, while for the Bantemi and Air Merah routes to Pasar Baru Krooy Terminal, IDR 7,000. As for the route from Pasar Baru Krooy Terminal to Kaimana City, it is adjusted to the current condition of rising fuel prices.

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