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Steve Mara: Papuan Young Generation Must Increase Capacity to Fill Devision of New Regions

goodmorningpapua.com – A Young Papuan leader, Steve Ricels Mara, requested the young generation on the Cenderawasih Land to increase their capacity, to welcome regional division or the New Autonomous Region (DOB). He said that the existence of new autonomous regions would open up job opportunities and other sectors for Papuan youths.

Therefore, the younger generation is expected to take advantage of this opportunity.

“With the division of the region, although job opportunities are expanded as wide as possible, and the priority of Papuans, it also needs to be supported by our abilities or skills,” said Steve, Monday (27/6/2022).

The division, continued Steve, became the basis for young people to increase their capacity and ability to develop Papua in the future.

“We must prepare our good and reliable Human Resources (HR), so that we are not only superior in quantity but also in quality,” he said.

The man who was once a delegate in the UN activity, asked that the readiness of young people, ranging from managerial skills, relationship building skills, and expertise in their respective fields should be boosted.

“Papua is not an empty land, Papua is not only a resource, but more than that, Papua has reliable and capable human resources,” he concluded.

On the other hand, he advised the Papuan people not to be lazy as opportunities for new autonomous regions are opened. But it must be used as a momentum to rise and increase competitiveness.

“We must be able to fill the division with our skills and abilities, so that we do not become spectators in our own country,” he urged.

Steve also highlighted the chaotic DOB, which unfortunately made some youths feel complacent in the existing differences of opinion.

“Let’s unite our thoughts on how to optimize our contribution in filling the region division,” he added.

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