Starting in August 10, 2021, Jayapura Hospital to be Able to Produce Own Oxygen – A Director of the Jayapura Dok II Hospital, Aloysius Giyai, confirmed that as of August 10, Jayapura Regional Hospital could produce its own oxygen.

Aloy ensured the availability of oxygen after holding a joint meeting with the Papuan DPR regarding the handling of Covid-19 and vaccination in Papua.

“For the next week, approximately August 10, the Jayapura Regional Hospital will be able to produce its own oxygen,” he told reporters after meeting with the Papuan DPR, at a hotel in Abepura, Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

In his report, in the first week of August, Jayapura Regional Hospital will install machines with KSO and third parties. “We make sure that in the second week of August we can produce our own with a capacity of 300 tubes per day,” he explained.

Aloysius said, currently the hospital desperately needs 200 oxygen cylinders per day for the needs of Covid-19 patients.

“We have reported this to the Governor of Papua and TPAD (Transparency of Regional Budget Management). We report the oxygen requirement of 300 per day, since this condition is an emergency,” he explained.

On that occasion, Aloysius also expressed his gratitude to the Papua Police for helping to provide 125 tubes for RSUD Dok II.

“The Kapolda has also promised to help with this problem, while waiting for the additional budget from TAPD,” ​​he said.

As for the number of patients being accommodated in front of the emergency room, he admitted that he had eliminated the VIP and Class rooms, as well as the lung room.

“We have taken steps for other general patients to be reduced, because the treatment rooms will be filled with Covid-19 patients. Meanwhile, general patients will be selective. So, it’s really those that are burdensome to pay attention to,” said Aloysius.

He also asked other hospitals not to send patients to RSUD Dok II. He added that as of today the number of Covid-19 patients being treated at the Jayapura Regional Hospital is 100 people, while health workers are 87 people.

“With the number of patients increasing and health workers being exposed, hospitals need health workers,” he said.

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