Starbucks Gets Failed for Pursuing Amungme Coffee – Amungme coffee becomes arguably a Papuan coffe from Timika extremely pursued by travelers. Starbucks also hunted it down, but getting failed.

Amungme coffee is identical to Amungme Gold coffee produced by the cooperative with the same name under the guidance of the gold mining company PT Freeport Indonesia in Timika. Ronny Yawan, Community Economy Development staff at PT Freeport Indonesia, said that actually it does not require coffee growers to deposit coffee to the Amungme Gold cooperative. Planters are freed to sell their coffee freely.

The Amungme Gold cooperative is undertaken by the Amungme Tribe. The planters are also the Amungme Tribe. The name of the coffee is also taken from the Amungme Tribe.

Amungme coffee plantations, which are Arabica coffee, are spread over seven areas on the slopes of the Jayawijaya Mountains, at an altitude of 1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level, namely Tsinga, Hoya, Aroanop, Opitawak, Bonti, Jila, and Sinak.

The location of the coffee plantation on the mountains is what makes Amungme coffee difficult to reach. The only access to the location is by plane or helicopter. Not bad, as commercial scheduled aircraft are currently subsidized by the government. For the coffees purchased by the Amungme Gold cooperative, they are usually transported by helicopter owned by PT Freeport Indonesia, so that planters do not have to spend money for cargo costs.

However, sometimes the flight is disturbed by the weather. In the last two years, security matters with the presence of armed criminal group terrorists (KKB) have also become another stumbling block for coffee deliveries from Amungme to Timika.

Amungme coffee is very special, because the quality is consistent with the Amungme community planting coffee organically. They use fertilization methods with plants binding nitrogen, organic mulch for ground cover, and compost made from plant residues. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are prohibited. With a land area of ​​28.3 hectares and 28,391 coffee trees, Harry is optimistic that Amungme coffee should be able to produce 3-4 tons of coffee a year.

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