Sri Mulyani to LPDP Scholarship Recipients: Papuan People Await Contributions After Study – A Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, and recipients of the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) scholarship from Papua discussed the future of Papuan human resource development in a dialogue entitled “Children of Papua, It’s Your Turn! Sa Indonesia, Sa Forward Together.”!

“The Papuan people are waiting for the contributions of the scholarship recipients after studying. The big homework becoming a challenge is expected to be a field of service in various fields they have,” said Sri Mulyani, Thursday (18/8/2022).

He appreciated the breakthrough of the Affirmation Scholarship Program – Putra Putri Papua held by LPDP this year. This is proof of the government’s commitment to realizing the inclusiveness of human resource development.

The Papuan children who took part as participants in this Dialogue Meeting also conveyed their ideas and input on human resource development in Papua, in particular the direction of the LPDP scholarship policy going forward.

Since the first time providing scholarship services in 2013, affirmation areas such as Papua and West Papua have received special treatment with various relaxations of selection requirements through the Affirmation Scholarship Program.

In 2017, the program was continued under the name of the East Indonesia Scholarship Program which targets people from East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Maluku and North Maluku, as well as West Papua and Papua.

To further expand the reach of inclusivity, LPDP opens a wider relaxation of requirements in the Papuan Son and Daughter Scholarship Program which specifically targets Papuan Orang Asli (OAP), namely those who have an Indigenous Papuan clan, or whose biological mother/father is OAP.

Sri Mulyani hopes that LPDP scholarship recipients can take advantage of the opportunities given by working hard and studying hard, to be able to provide quality service to Indonesia. . The Affirmation Scholarship Program – Putra Putri Papua, which was opened in 2022, provides a relaxation of requirements.

This program no longer has language requirements that have been frequently complained by the Papuan people. As a result, only in the first stage of the selection, the government was able to directly recruit 100 of the best Papuan sons and daughters to become recipients of LPDP scholarships.

The scholarship recipients will take part in a series of language enrichment programs, non-language enrichment, and counseling to improve academic skills, before finally registering and leaving for college studies.

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