Spreading the Hoax, A Terrorist Group in Papua are Supposed as Weakening

Spreading the Hoax, A Terrorist Group in Papua are Supposed as Weakening

goodmorningpapua.com – The Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB) in Papua spread hoaxes or fake news for provoking the people. The terrorist group slandered via online media that a joint TNI-Polri team damaged a church.

 The authorities were accused of using helicopters for shooting at the Kingmi Kabuki Church. The shooting destroyed the church and three young women were shot dead.

Head of Information for Kogabwilhan III Colonel Czi IGN Suriastawa said the news was not true. He considered that the hoax shows that terrorist groups in Papua are getting weaker.

“There is no such incident as reported by the online media,” said Suriastawa in a written statement, Jakarta, Monday, May 17, 2021.

Suriastawa asserted that the joint team had the identity of terror perpetrators in Papua. The team also took measurable law enforcement actions, not carelessly.

However, the terrorist group is now using the mass media to spread fake news. This group also collaborated with a fugitive Veronica Koman regarding the spread of provocation.

“There are at least two online media whose the chief executive officer is very intensively connected with Veronica Koman. Every propaganda published by the supporting media for the terrorist group OPM (Free Papua Organization) is always the subject of tweets,” Suriastawa said.

 This terrorist group, the OPM, turns a blind eye to the atrocities of terrorists in Papua. They often ignore various acts of terror that make people victims.

“If the OPM terrorists burned down schools, killed teachers and spread other forms of terror, their supporters would not comment on anything,” he said.

So far, the joint team has arrested the riot provocateur of the OPM terrorist supporter, Victor Yeimo. The team also had controlled the headquarters of the terrorist group led by Lekagak Talenggen in Wuloni and Tagalowa, Ilaga district, Puncak Regency, Papua.

“In addition, several members of the OPM terrorists were shot by the hot tin of the Joint Team and some also surrendered, all in the Ilaga district,” said Suriastawa.

Previously, an online media reported that the Indonesian military using a helicopter shot the Kingmi Kabuki Church, on Saturday, May 15, 2021. The shooting caused the church to be destroyed and three young women were shot dead. However, this news was confirmed to be a hoax.

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