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Spreading Public Information, a Provincial Government of Papua Establishes a Videotron in Nabire

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papua Provincial Government through the Department of Communication and Information has established a digital-based outdoor information media or videotron in Nabire Regency.

Videotron with measuring 5 x 8 meters is equipped with data communication facilities, CCTV and control devices that can be done via remote. Videotron worth Rp2.3 billion was installed in the Nabire Regent’s Office area.

A Head of the Communications and Information Technology Agency, Jery Agus Yudianto, said that Nabire Regency is the seventh region in Papua for development of the videotron which has been taking place since 2021.

Previously, the Papua Provincial Government had built videotrons in Merauke Regency, Jayapura Regency, Jayapura City, Mimika Regency, Biak Numfor Regency and Jayawijaya Regency.

“We are targeting that by 2023, all regencies and cities in Papua will have these devices that can be used as a means of conveying information on the performance of the local government or other information to the public,” said Jery, Friday, October 29, 2021.

Jery ​​explained that the management of videotron is conducted by cooperating with the use of regional property with the Nabire Regency Government. That way, the public knows more information related to the performance or activities of the local government.

“According to Law 23 of 2014 concerning regional government, it is one of the mandatory non-basic services, has a main role to convey the government’s performance to the public, openness or public transparency,” said Jery.

Besides videotron, continued Jery, public information can also take advantage of traditional media, print media, electronic media, social media, online media and outdoor media.

An Acting Regent of Nabire, Dr. Anthon Tony Mote, appreciated the Papuan Provincial Government for providing special attention to the Nabire Regional Government by providing videotron media.

Anthon ensured that he would instruct relevant agencies to make maximum use of videotron as a means of providing information to the local government in Nabire Regency.

“Videotron is a medium for local government information facilities to the public, even some time ago before it was inaugurated it was used as a means for the community around Nabire to witness the 2021 XX Papua PON event,” said Anthon.

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