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Sofia Sonnet Ananta, A Successful Pig Breeder on the Papuan Border

goodmorningpapua.com – For the past 5 years, Sofia Sonnet Ananta, has had a busy routine at home. This mother with three children who is usually called Mama Sofia every morning and evening struggles with dozens of pigs that are kept in a cage behind her kitchen.

In addition to the large income, according to Sofia, raising pigs is relatively not too much of a nuisance for her on the sidelines of household chores.

The cages are lined up right behind the kitchen of the house, so this mother with three children doesn’t have to bother feeding her cattle, which have now bred into 40 pigs. For a month, she claimed to be able to obtain net income of Rp. 10 million from selling piglets.

Early, she raised pigs as a side business other than farming. Before growing up to be as large as it is today, Sofia ventured to apply for a People’s Business Credit (KUR) loan at the BRI Bank Skouw Unit, Jayapura City.

“Now there are 47 pigs in total, plus 7 newborn piglets, 6 large sows, 1 male. If it is added up to 100, I’m afraid that I will be overwhelmed. The chicks are being sold, because the sows keep giving birth,” said Sofia.

The KUR credit facility from BRI was received in the amount of Rp. 20 million which was used to increase the number of sows stock. She said that the market for piglets is relatively large in Jayapura City. From this effort, Sofia even admitted that she could send her three children to school in Yogyakarta.

“Now it’s my main job, I used to work on the fields. Because we don’t sell meat here, but we sell piglets per head for IDR 1.3 million. Those who buy it from the City (Jayapura), and also Wamena until Keerom. If the government has a program (government) assistance for pigs to residents, also for procurement, they often buy them from here. From pigs, all children can go to school in Java, “said Sofia.

Apart from raising pigs, the remaining yard behind her house is used to raise several cows. She admitted that she plans to re-apply for credit at the BRI Unit Koya, which is only 200 meters from her house.

“Those are my cows. There is a plan to add more pigs, especially for sows. So far, there has been no problem with feeding, because it’s easy to feed pigs,” said Sofia.

She said that because the population continues to grow, for the business of bathing and feeding dozens of pigs, Sofia now employs two of her relatives.

“It’s true that Sip is a bit tired, but I’m happy to be able to raise so many pigs. I am helped by two nephews,” said

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