Soekarno Admires JA Dimara from Papua, the Idea of a Statue of the West Irian Liberation – Johannes Abraham Dimara or known as JA Dimara is one of Indonesia’s national heroes who came from Papua. JA Dimara was born on April 16, 1916 in North Biak, Papua.

Although born in Papua, Dimara finished his basic education in Ambon and graduated from the Laha Agricultural School in 1940. Then, he decided to enter the Gospel Education School and graduated to become a Bible teacher on Buru Island.

In 1946, JA Dimara participated in the raising of the Red and White Flag on Buru Island. Dimara also joined the movement that fought for the return of the territory of West Irian to the Republic of Indonesia.

Then in 1950, Dimara became a TNI soldier and was appointed a chairman of the West Irian Liberation Organization (OPI). Dimara was also involved in the infiltration in 1954 which caused him to be captured by the Dutch and had him exiled to Digul until 1960.

When Soekarno announced Trikora, Dimara came up as a figure of Papuan youth and together with Soekarno joined in calling for Trikora. In addition, Dimara also appealed the entire community of West Irian to support the integration of West Irian into Indonesia. In 1962, Dimara became one of the delegates representing Indonesia in the New York Agreement.

In addition, there is an interesting story about Dimara. At that time, there was a parade on August 17 in front of the palace, Dimara was wearing a broken chain and made Bung Karno interested in making a statue of the liberation of West Irian. In the end, the statue was made in Banteng Square and this is told by JA Dimara in his autobiography entitled Fai Do Ma, Mai Do Fa, Cross the Struggle of Papuan Sons.

JA Dimara died on October 20, 2000 and on November 11, 2010 he was declared a national hero and his name was immortalized as the Air Force Base in Merauke.

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