Society Movement Promotes Child Immunization in Papua – A Jayawijaya Regent Jhon Richard Banua visited and monitored immunization services at the Siepkosi Health Center on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

He explained that giving immunizations was hampered because people did not want to receive immunizations. However, after a meeting with parents as well as traditional and religious leaders as well as the local community, the result was that the residents were willing.

“Today, health workers conduct immunization services,” said Jhon Banua to reporters during a visit to Siepkosi District.

Even today, many children enthusiastically come to take immunizations, although there are issues that have developed to influence children not to take immunizations.

“Vaccination or immunization is important for children in their growing period,” he explained.

Regent Jhon Banua asked medical officers to continue to provide immunization services both in the district and directly to villages so that all children get complete immunizations.

“To the people of Jayawijaya, I invite parents who have babies to come to the Pustu with their children to receive immunizations,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Siepkosi Health Center, Nagot Yogobi, explained that the immunization service before the corona was going well. However, now that there have been various issues, there have been some sinking and comings that have come and those that have not.

“Starting from 2022, immunization services in the Siepkosi District specifically for 9 existing villages are running well,” he said.

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