SMP 5 Arso of Papua Becomes a Pilot of the First Mover School – SMP Negeri 5 Arso, Keerom Regency must prove as a superior school, after being declared to have passed the selection. Now it has the full trust of the Ministry of Education and Culture-Ristek RI as a Mover School.

The Mover School program system focuses on developing student learning outcomes as a whole including competencies in aspects of literacy, numeracy and character, pioneered by superior academic resources, from school principals to teaching teachers.

That’s stated by the Head of the Basic Education Division of the Education and Culture Office, Keerom Regency, Michsin Wibowo, when opening the first training of In House Training for Mover School Learning at SMP Negeri 5 Arso, Sunday (1/8/2021) afternoon.

“Alhamdulillah, we in Keerom got the first opportunity to join the Motivating School program, SMP Negeri 7 Yetti was also selected,” he said.

According to Muchsin Wibowo, even though they are located on the outskirts of the country’s border with Papua New Guinea, the both schools were able to compete in a tight selection and represent Bumi Cenderawasih along with seven other schools.

Separately, the Head of SMP Negeri 5 Arso Yanti Menaningrum expressed his gratitude to the journalists of in his office after the opening of the In House Training for the Mover School.

“This is a challenge for our school to succeed in the school digitization program and generates Pancasila students,” said Yanti Menaningrum.

According to the Head of SMP Negeri 5 Arso, all participants in the In House Training of Mover Schools will receive direct guidance from tutors and assistants.

With the aim of preparing the school to become an example of an agent of change, namely creating an operational curriculum that is in accordance with the conditions in the area.

“For the next three years we will have full support from the Ministry of Education and Culture in the form of a budget to support the Motivating School program,”

Yanti Menaningrum hopes that related parties in Keerom Regency can support the facilities and infrastructure for digitizing at her school.

“One of them is the problem of the slow internet network in our area, and also the damage to the road to our school can be paid more attention, it’s sad, sir,” said the head of the school, which is located at Jalan Jambu, Wonorejo Village, Mannem District, Keerom Regency.

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