Smelter, Old Dreams of the Papua and West Papua People –  The Minister of Investment/Head of BKPM Bahlil Lahadalia targets the copper smelter in Fakfak Regency, West Papua to run in 2022. The copper smelter is said to be the result of cooperation with China ENFI Engineering Corporation (ENFI).

“Investors already exist, it is possible that this June they will be able to do the review steps, then we are targeting hopefully by early 2022 they will be able to run,” he said at the Investment Ministry’s Halal bi Halal event, Friday (28/5).

To make the project smooth, he said, the Ministry of Investment had also coordinated with MIND ID, PT Freeport Indonesia, and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The hope is that the copper smelter can become a new source of economy in the Papua region. In his opinion, the presence of a smelter is an old dream for the Papua and West Papua people.

“Imagine from my junior high school until I became the Head of BKPM, the dream of Papuans is still the same, namely that there is a smelter in Papua,” he said.

Previously, the Ministry of Investment had agreed a Mmorandum of Understanding on the Copper Smelting Project which was signed by Bahlil and President of ENFI Liu Cheng online last Monday (12/4). In his remarks at that time, Bahlil expected that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding could be followed up immediately to create mutually beneficial cooperation.

“I ask that we do not delay the implementation process. Later on the licensing and the fiscal incentives, BKPM will assist, as long as the proposal from China ENFI is the best and gives advantages to  Freeport, China ENFI, and Indonesia,” Bahlil said in an official statement.

He also stated that the government is serious in supporting the investment plan and ensuring the availability of raw material supply that will be provided by PT Freeport Indonesia of at least 800 thousand tons / year. This project is in line with President Joko Widodo’s direction regarding economic transformation by increasing the additional value and exports of Indonesia to the world.

Following up on this memorandum of understanding, a small team from the Indonesian government and Chinese ENFI will be formed. China ENFI will visit Indonesia in the near future to conduct technical discussions on the continuation of the project.

ENFI is a state-owned company based in Beijing, China and is a subsidiary of the MCC Group. The company is engaged in providing smelter technology, building smelter industries, particularly copper, nickel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

The smelter has a copper cathode smelting capacity of 400 thousand tons per year, the construction of which will be divided into two phases. In this project, the company will involve local Indonesian companies as strategic partners, namely PT Freeport Indonesia and MIND ID.

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