Smart Innovation of District Head [Kadistrik] of East Sentani for Creating Jobs – The East Sentani District Government is designing new innovations to create superior Human Resources (HR) with special skills.

The hope is that human resources will be able to create jobs while absorbing the unemployment rate in the Jayapura Regency area.

The innovation that is currently being prepared is the District Work Training Center (BLK), which will cooperate with the Papua Province BLK, whose location or workshop is planned to be built right next to the East Sentani District Office.

The clever idea was designed by the District Head of the East Sentani, Eslie Suangburaro, who is determined to make a new breakthrough that can improve the welfare of the community.

“The aim of the regional government is to prosper the community and this is one of the things that will be made to create superior human resources while at the same time creating jobs and reducing unemployment,” said Eslie Suangburaro, Friday, March 25, 2022.

It is said, with the district BLK program, in the future there will be recruitment of young people from 7 villages in the East Sentani District to be equipped with special skills.

Regarding the classes that will be opened, for the time being there are only two, namely Electric Welding and Furniture. Construction of the BLK workshop is planned to start in April 2022 and uses district government funds rather than village funds.

Meanwhile, the funds that will be used during the training at the BLK will come from the special autonomy fund (Otsus) which has been allocated to the management of fish cages.

“So far, almost the entire community has been fixated on the fish cage business, so I decided to switch to the district BLK program. I’m not afraid because the important thing is that the money doesn’t go into my pocket,” he explained.

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