Small Hands Propelling the PON Papua – That day was the first day of Tevina Leberina Ayomi (23) serving as a liaison (LO) specifically for guest referees at the rowing arena of 2021 Papua National Sports Week (PON) 2021 Papua in Youtefa Bay, Jayapura, but she was already attacked by protests due to nourishment that didn’t come soon.

“When will the feeding come? It’s past lunch time,” said a protesting guest to Tevina.

The woman just smiled, listened, then replied, “Just a moment, sir. A little bit more. I’ve called the logistic committee, they said on the way.”

“Yeah but when is exactly? What’s the time?” the guest complained again.

Feeling guilty, Tevina rushed to the referee’s secretariat room to directly apologize for the delay.

“I just feel guilty because maybe the problem is in nourishment, but I feel that my work is not satisfactory,” Tevina told to journalists.

Tevina is not an important person or a decision-making official that usually gets the spotlight. Tevina is only one of thousands of volunteers on duty at the Papua PON event.

However, it is small hand like Tevina who actually drives the PON Papua. When the officials arrived at their own lodgings and the spectators in flock were back to their own homes, there were Tevina and other volunteers who still had to finish their work in the field.

They are also the ones who are at the forefront of dealing with and serving athletes, guests, and spectators at the four-yearly national sports party.

The volunteers were indeed prepared by the PON Grand Committee to provide convenience for delegations, athletes, and other participants by providing information or other necessary needs. Some are prepared to ensure the cleanliness of each arena.

At least 25 thousand volunteers are involved in PON Papua. There are those who serve as a connector or liaison officers, volunteers, and field officers or workforce during the implementation.

Previously, volunteers had to fulfill the requirements to apply as PON XX volunteers, namely having an e-KTP, a 3×4 cm photo, having a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), and a vaccine certificate.

They had also been given training materials including basic knowledge related to PON and multi-branches, knowledge of Papuan culture, communication, problem solving, and hospitality.

As many as 6,000 volunteers are spread across Jayapura City, 6,600 people in Jayapura Regency, 2,000 people in Merauke Regency and 3,900 people in Mimika Regency.

With volunteer status, they are not promised to be paid. However, the Head of Sub-PB PON Jayapura City HR Division, Abdul, said that the volunteers would be given a transportation fee of Rp. 300 thousand per day, adjusted to the number of days they served in each PON competition arena.

 “What is certain is that we call it as a replacement money for transportation, not wages,” said Abdul.

However, for Tevina, no matter how much the nominal she does not mind, because the most important thing is her participation to be able to play a role in the success of PON Papua. When will she be able to participate directly in the biggest sporting event in Indonesia? It is not sure for the next one, two, or five years, there will be another PON in her hometown.

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