Simon Tabuni, a LPDP Scholarship Fighter from Papua Tabuni, a Papuan youth who successfully obtained an LPDP scholarship to continue studies at the School of Oriental and African Study (SOAS), University of London.

Launching the LPDP Instagram page, Saturday (26/6/2021), Simon said he was working hard to improve his English skills.

What Simon does is the same as other scholarship fighters. To measure his English skills, he has participated in several English competitions. Although the result is always a failure.

However, this failure actually increased his motivation to have better English skills. Until finally, he was able to fulfill his dream of studying in England thanks to a scholarship from LPDP.

After graduating from a college in England, he devoted himself to the Papuan people. Simon established a youth community called the Papua Inspirasi. In that community, Simon initiated various programs, such as Angkat Mama Papua.

The program of Angkat Mama Papua is an entrepreneurial movement to raise the economy of Papuan mothers who are in the hinterland (especially the Arfak mountains).

“The trick is to help in opening the wide marketing via social media and encourage the manufacture of processed products,” he said.

Not only that, he also pays attention to the progress of Papuan youth by shaping the Creative and Innovative Facilitation for Papuan Children (Fastra).

Fastra is a movement seeking to detect and facilitate young Papuan talents. This movement, he said, encourages self-potential including hobbies or pleasures to be transformed to have economic value and create jobs.

In the environmental field, Simon also established a program of the Revitalization of Parks and Its Functions (Remang). Namely, a movement to activate or revitalize city parks to be in accordance with their function.

He said that the parks, which had been functioning as mere recreation areas, would later be integrated with the development or empowerment of small economies that would be driven by the community around the city parks.

For all his contributions to building Papua, Simon was awarded the Inspirational Youth Leader at the West Papua Innovation Award last year. He hopes that more and more young Papuans will be inspired and motivated to make a positive impact on the land of Papua.

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