SI IPAR Enters Village for the Future of Papuan Children’s Education – Various ways are taken to help parents, teachers, and the community promote children’s education from an early age. One of them is the Polisi Pi Ajak Program or Si IPAR, Community Guidance (Binmas) Noken of the police at the Jayawijaya Resort Police (Polres).

Binmas Noken Jayawijaya continues to implement the Si IPAR Program to improve the quality of education by learning and playing with children at the Parema Village Hall, Jayawijaya Regency, Friday (11/11).

Regional Coordinator (Korwil) Binmas Noken Jayawijaya Iptu Made Sujana,, P.d explained, the personnel began to introduce numbers as the basis for learning in addition and subtraction material after the children were considered to have developed well enough,

“Little by little the personnel began to introduce numbers. Starting from units, tens, hundreds to thousands so that children have a basis later in learning addition and subtraction,” Made said through a statement received by in Jakarta, Friday (11/11).

According to Made, his party hopes that the children will not only attend the SI-IPAR meeting to be actively involved and pursue learning, but at home the children are also expected to be assisted by their parents so that they remain enthusiastic about learning so that they develop faster.

A Head of the Cartenz Peaceful Operations Public Relations Task Force 2022 Kombes Pol Drs Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, SH said, SI IPAR program continues to be intensified to improve the quality of education and reduce illiteracy in various villages in Papua.

“If the illiteracy rate goes down, it also indicates that the quality of education in the land of Papua is growing. In this way, the young generation of Papuans in the villages will have provisions in the future to participate in developing Papua even better,” said Kamal.

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