Shortly 130 Kilometers of Trans Papua Road to be Connected – A Deputy Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (Wamen PUPR), John Wempi Wetipo said that 130 kilometers of the Trans Papua Road has not been connected. Along 75 kilometers of which is a stretch of the Wamena-Jayapura route.

It is planned that the Wamena-Jayapura road segment will be completed in 2023. The 25 kilometers will be completed in 2022, while the remaining 50 kilometers will be completed in 2023.

“So, the work on the Wamena-Jayapura road segment will be conducted in two stages. 25 kilometers have been included in the budget to be worked on next year, while 50 kilometers will be finished in 2023,” he said, Saturday (1/1/2022).

He hopes that road construction can concern to weight by testing its structure. “The quality of the roads is an important concern, especially since the soil structure there (Wamena) is easy to move,” said Wempi Wetipo.

He explained that many Trans Papua roads had been connected, but the quality of the roads was still under standard.

“The quality of the roads (Trans Papua) must still be considered, because many are still under standard,” he said.

Just being information, the Trans Papua Wamena-Jayapura road stretches for 575 kilometers. The boundary between Balai Jayapura and Wamena reaches kilometer 320,  precisely in the Benawa District.

Meanwhile, at kilometers 320 to 575.14, it is included in the Wamena Hall area. For its function, until 2020 the Trans Papua road remains 75.14 kilometers in the Wamena Hall area.

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