Sherina Fernanda Msen, an Expert Person in Accounting and Finance from Papua – The Papuan Provincial Government always appreciates the achievements of Earth Cenderawasih students who study in the United States, where most of them achieve GPA scores above average, and have real skills and abilities.

One of them is Sherina Fernanda Msen, a former student majoring in accounting, leadership and management who is a Papuan student receiving a special autonomy scholarship, graduating Cum Laude from Corban University, Oregon.

She was even awarded the “Top Accounting Student” by the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants OSCPA in 2019. At that time, Sherina and six other Papuan students were being graduated at the Auditorium of Corban University, Oregon, United States. At that time, the Papuan student graduation was witnessed directly by the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe accompanied by Mrs. Yulce W Enembe along with a number of Papuan Provincial Government officials. She admitted that herself was proud and grateful for the achievements of Papua’s sons and daughters.

“For that case, I didn’t suspect to graduate with magna cum laude. I do have a passion for numbers, mathematics and problem solving, that’s why I chose accounting and management. But did not think to get the best predicate. I initially chose this major because accounting and management have great career opportunities. Every company needs a good financial system, right,” said Sherina.

After graduating from a bachelor’s degree, her desire to hone her experience and knowledge was actualized by trying to get luck with continuing her education to the master’s degree. Interestingly, Sherina Fernanda had received an offer to continue her undergraduate education from three other prestigious campuses in the US.

But in the end, she chose to study at Hofstra University. Hofstra University is a private university in Hempstead, New York. It is the largest private university on Long Island. Hofstra originated in 1935 as an extension of New York University (NYU) under the name Nassau College – Hofstra Memorial of New York University.

Sherina Fernanda is indeed different from most students. Apart from studying, she also works part-time by providing tutoring or some kind of private tutoring to other students who need additional guidance.

“But I always have a holiday on Saturday, so that I can get closer to God, can keep reading the Bible, and only then meet my friends and rest. After all, our lives must be balanced, musn’t it?” she said.

Even so, Sherina admitted that she still wanted to go home.

“I really dream of going back and working in Papua. I’m originally from Biak, but live in Jayapura. I want to go home, build Papua,” admitted Sherina.

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