Sharing Education and Knowledge on Kangkung and Chili Cultivation in Papua – There are many ways that a number of institutions and companies use to provide information and education to the people in Papua. One of them was carried out by PT Tunas Sawa Erma-B (TSE-B) with the community in Getentiri Village, Jair District, Kab. Boven Digoel, Papua, recently.

 The series of events attended by Mr. Zoozang Park as a General Manager of PT. TSE-B was opened with a prayer, continued by a video showing the cultivation of kale and chili which aims to share knowledge, information and motivation to the community regarding businesses that can improve their economic center.

 At the health education event, dr. Inggrid from the TSE-B clinic conveyed socialization about the importance of performing a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS) to the local community, as in her statement, Thursday (9/6).

On the sidelines of the monthly communication event, mothers were seen joining in cooking demonstrations with the company. Cooking demonstrations are an integral part of every monthly communication activity that aims to introduce the culture of cooking traditional Papuan foods, such as sago sep.

Sago sep is a delicious food made from sago. Sago is cleaned and then mixed with young coconut meat, filled with meat or fish, in accord with taste. Sago sep is cooked by placing it on coals or burning rocks covered with leaves or bus bark. The hot steam covered in the leaves and bark of the bus causes the food to cook. The afternoon activity was closed with a meal together.

Both from the company, residents, children, young and old, all of them can enjoy the food served. The company also hopes that the friendship established will be sustainable. Event after event took place in a friendly atmosphere between the company and the community who seemed happy to participate in this activity.

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