Seruni Jiwadara Srikandi, A Student from Jayapura Passing the Student Exchange Selection to America – Sekar Seruni Jiwadara Srikandi Papua al-Rasyid expressed happiness and gratitude for being selected as one of the students who will represent Papua to participate in the Student Exchange Program to the United States. This class XI science student at SMAN 4 Jayapura City was one of five students from Papua and West Papua who took the one-year study program test in the United States organized by the Intercultural Development Institute.

In America, Dara,  her nickname, will study at Meadowdale High School, Lynnwood City, Washington for 1 year. Dara explained that five participants from the provinces of Papua and West Papua joined, but after undergoing an interview test one person failed. Then enter the group dynamics test stage, one more person is declared disqualified, and after entering the national test stage two people are  declared disqualified again, so that one person remains.

“Thank God I passed as a finalist. Even after undergoing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test specifically for student exchange, I was declared passed so that I no longer need to take additional lessons, especially English,” said the student who was born on May 26, 2005.

For departure, said Dara, it is according to the schedule namely on August 9, 2021, it’s just that due to the Covid-19 pandemic the committee gave consideration. Before going to America, Dara continued, she and all students who passed were required to attend an online chapter orientation.This session is an introduction and socialization related to activities and regulations while studying in a superpower country or Uncle Sam.

Dara also expressed her gratitude to the school (SMAN 4) for their support. Because, she admits, studying in America has been her dream since childhood. “For those of you who haven’t had the chance to qualify, don’t give up, because this is not the only way, there are still many roads leading to Rome,” she said.

Separately, the Principal of SMAN 4 Jayapura City, Laba Sembiring admitted that he was proud that one of his students had the opportunity to study in the United States. He hopes that the opportunities his students get can have a big influence on other students in Papua, especially SMAN 4. So that the programs of the Ministry of Education that have been running so far can achieve maximum results.

He considered that what the students were doing was in accordance with the vision of SMAN 4 Jayapura for how a student has global insight, not just a narrow level. It means, studying abroad is not something that is difficult or hard.

To note, Bina Antarkultur is a volunteer-based non-profit organization engaged in the field of education in partnership with AFS Intercultural which is a student exchange program in the world. Every year, Bina Antarkultur sends the best Indonesian students to live and study in several countries in the world in cultural exchange programs. The mission of Intercultural Development is to create future leaders who have quality personalities, achievers, have vision, social empathy and nationalism as well as international insight.

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