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Septiana Nur Zahiroh, Wins 3 Medals for Papua at PON XIX of West Java

goodmorningpapua.com – The sport of tennis is indeed less familiar on the Land of Cenderawasih. But through tennis, the Papuan contingent was able to get 3 medals at the National Sports Week (PON) XIX in West Java, in 2016.

Septiana Nur Zahiroh, a female athlete born in Kediri, September 12, 1996, has just joined the Papuan tennis team in 2015. The East Java-blooded athlete has been very familiar with tennis since she was a child. Her father is a tennis coach in Bojonegoro Regency. Since sitting in elementary school (SD), Zahiroh has appeared in a number of championships.

“I have played tennis since I was in childhood, since the 6th grade I had participated in tournaments. I play tennis because my father is a tennis coach in Bojonegoro Regency, and my sister also plays tennis in East Java. Since childhood, I have participated in Porprov and junior championships and because I already have a lot of experience at the junior level. Zahiroh was then included in the East Java contingent squad for her first PON at PON XVIII Riau, 2012. However, in her debut she failed to present a medal.

She also briefly played in East Kalimantan, but only appeared in the provincial sports week event (Porprov).

“I played in Samarinda and Surabaya to acquire experience as well. First I appeared in PON XVIII Riau in 2012 for defending East Java. In Samarinda, I only participated in Porprov, and there was no clarity about going to PON and I got an offer from Papua and I took the offer for PON XIX, “she said.

Zahiroh said she decided to join Papua because of she likes adventure. She also wants to take part in advancing the sport of tennis in the easternmost province of Indonesia.

Zahiroh admitted that his highest achievement was with the Papuan contingent at PON XIX of West Java. At that time, she brought home 3 medals for Bumi Cenderawasih. In the mixed doubles with Esmid Muhammad Ridho, she succeeded to presence a gold medal. Then in the female’s singles and in the female’s team she presented 2 bronze medals.

After defending the Papuan contingent, Zahiroh took the police test and she was accepted as a member of the National Police. She then moved to Jakarta and served at Polda Metro Jaya. However, she still defends the banner of Papua (not a contract athlete) for the PON XX, next October.

For targets in PON XX, Zahiroh does not want to be grandiose. She said she would try as much as possible in order to maintain the achievements in West Java PON or exceed these achievements.

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