Sem Kogoyo, a Papuan Community Leader supporting PON, Otsus, as well as Rejecting KKB – One of the community leaders of the Central Mountains, Sem Kogoya, emphasized that all Papuans support the success of the implementation of the Papua PON. The presence of PON in Papua, should be given appreciation because the Central Government has given trust to Papua Province as the host.

He said that his party was ready to guard the implementation of PON from tthe beginning to the end. It is recognized that PON is a big celebration which is an achievement and trust given by the central government to the land of Papua.

“We will oversee this process until it is finished. We believe that this process will promote sports achievements in Papua, development in Papua and will also encourage the revival of sports and the Papuan economy,” said Sem Kagoya in his statement on Tuesday (12/10/2021).

He also thanked to the Central Government for trusting the Papua Province to be a host of the XX PON in 2021.

“We give our appreciation and gratitude to the President of the Republic of Indonesia who has given the opportunity and also to all governors throughout Indonesia, 33 provinces, who trust the people of Papua to be the host to hold the PON,” he said.

He also conveyed to all communities in Papua to join hands together to provide full support to the Government, PB PON and also to sub-clusters in 4 regencies/cities in the successful implementation of XX PON.

Sem Kagoya also said that all Papuans support the Special Autonomy (Otsus) Volume 2, which will be extended in 2021. They support the sustainability of the program because they already feel the benefits.

One of the things that drives Papua’s progress is special autonomy. The Special Autonomy Program volume II, which was started in 2001, is specifically aimed at the people of Earth of Cendrawasih, and the Papuan Government has received funding to develop its territory. The community supports Otsus because it is beneficial for them.

He supports the prolongation of Otsus because the Papuan people are extremely need of funds, both to support education, health, and community sector development.

“The community supports Otsus Volume II because the distribution is not only for education, but also for health. With the Special Autonomy funds, it is possible to build a Puskesmas and a hospital with a sufficient equipment, so that people do not have to go all the way to Jayapura or Merauke for treatment. The special autonomy budget can also be used to eradicate malaria and tuberculosis which are endemic in Papua,” he said.

He emphasized that if Otsus Volume 2 was supported by the community, it would run smoothly during the construction of infrastructure and the construction of public facilities.

“Otsus Volume II in Papua is an excellent program for modernity on the Earth of Cendrawasih. So that people are more advanced, healthy, and smart. Because the Special Autonomy funds are not only made for the construction of roads and other infrastructure, but also for the health and education sectors,” he concluded.

Sem Kogoya also said that the issue of Free Papua was only used as a project to attract attention. He hoped that there would be no issue of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) and the Papuan Criminal Group (KKP) during the XX PON.

According to Sem Kogoya, the counter-government actions carried out by the KKB are very destructive to the Papuan people at large.

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