Selecting Athletes for Porkab II, the Soccer Cup in Sentani District Held – The Inter-village Soccer Cup tournament in East Sentani District officially opened, Friday, February 18, 2022. The tournament aiming to select athletes to take place at the Animal Husbandry Field, Kampung Harapan.

A total of 8 teams from a number of villages participated in the tournament. The 8 teams getting ready to compete tactics in the Soccer Cup of East Sentani District include Nendali FC, Spunniks FC, Yabahey Fc, Yofa FC, Kleublouw FC, Puay FC, Yokiwa Fc and Aspul Fc.

The Head of the East Sentani District, Eslie Suangburaro, said that the East Sentani District Soccer tournament was a forum for capturing the seeds of soccer athletes for the District Sports Week (Porkab) II in June 2022.

“Through this tournament, we will recruit football athletes who will be part of the East Sentani district team to compete later in the Porkab event,” said Eslie Suangburaro in Jayapura, Friday afternoon.

In addition to the soccer tournament, the Sentani District will include athletes in 15 other sports which to be considered in the upcoming Porkab II Jayapura.

Of the dozens of sports that to be included, there are several sports (sports) that are superior to the eastern Sentani District. The three sports include boxing, volleyball and rowing.

“I want all of the 16 sports that KONI Jayapura to compete in, we join all of them, because we have the athletes for all of those sports” said Eslie.

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