Security Gets Conducive, Christmas Lively Begins to Be Felt in Ilaga, Puncak Regency – The Christmas gate in Puncak Regency, Central Papua Province has begun to open. The Christmas cheer in the highest district in Cenderawasih Earth has begun to be felt. Moreover, a number of competitions ahead of Christmas for children to adults began to be held.

The lively competition was initiated by the Head of PKK of the Puncak Regency and the Herbalife Rafael Club in collaboration with the Indonesian National Police. The activity was attended by the Acting Secretary of Puncak Papua Regency, Ir. Darwin Tobing, MM and Head of TP PKK Puncak Elpina K Wandik, S.Km.M.Kes.

A number of competitions were held ranging from volleyball matches, sack races, marbles, tug of war to putting pencils in bottles. There was also a make-up contest with conditions for husband and wife, a cracker-eating contest for children, a word-and-water connection contest which was attended by the community and children. This made the atmosphere in Ilaga, the capital city of Puncak Regency very lively and full of joy.

Representing the Puncak Regent, the Acting Regional Secretary of Puncak Regency, Ir. Darwin Tobing, MM, explained that the competition was held to welcome the holy month of Christmas, which usually starts on December 1.

“This activity dispels the notion that Puncak Regency is not safe. The proof is from the various competitions held, the enthusiasm of the community is quite high, from children to adults,” he explained, Monday 21 November 2022.

Darwin assured that Puncak Regency was very conducive with the large number of citizens involved in this activity. He hopes that this kind of atmosphere is maintained and that people can enter Christmas and the New Year in a safe and peaceful atmosphere full of joy.

“Let alone, this activity is a concept from the Chairperson of the Puncak Regency PKK, how to enliven the atmosphere in Puncak Regency ahead of Christmas which involves all elements of society. The whole community should be involved in this activity. This is an extraordinary thing, there are around 94 groups that have registered for volleyball,” he explained.

A Head of TP PKK Puncak Regency, Mrs. Elpina Wandik, M.Kes said, this activity was carried out to welcome the Christmas gate on December 1 with the aim that people could feel the Christmas atmosphere happily and peacefully.

Activities to encourage the community that their area is safe, there is no more fear. The whole community must welcome Christmas full of thanksgiving.

“What God has made in Puncak Regency is extraordinary and cannot be expressed in words. We held competitions so that the community would not be traumatized and let the community be happy until Christmas December 25 and New Year’s celebrations January 1,” said the graduate of the Masters in Health, Faculty of Public Health, University of Cenderawasih.

Meanwhile, the Head of Puncak Police, Kompol I Nyoman Punia, S. Sos, represented by the Head of Operations for the Puncak Police, AKB.M.Sayori, welcomed the activity. Moreover, the enthusiasm of Ilaga residents to take part in the competition is quite high.

“This proves that people really miss peace in Puncak Regency. Residents do not want any more security disturbances. The heart must be happy to welcome Christmas and the New Year, “he said.

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