Searching for Talent of Papua Football Academy Selects Hundreds of Timika’s Young Players – Hundreds of young Timika players enthusiastically participated in the talent search process held by the Papua Football Academy (PFA) by PT Freeport Indonesia.

Searching for Talent of Papua Football Academy is led by Wolfgang Pikal as a Director of PFA at Wania Stadium, Timika, Saturday (11/6/2022).

This talent search process for young players is the first activity held in Timika.

Not surprisingly, these 13-14 year old players look excited to take part in this talent search selection.

The players do not only come from the city of Timika, but also from outside the city area such as from the coastal and mountainous areas.

“It took us two and a half hours to get to the stadium. We had to take a boat and then take a bus from the port,” said Mesak Wanggai, the teacher who brought eight of his students.

Mesak’s struggle was not in vain since four of her eight students passed to the next selection stage.

“I waited for them to finish the exam and leave as soon as possible to be able to take part in the selection in the afternoon session,” he said.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Pikal who was assisted by three coaches from Papua, namely Ardilles Rumbiak, Ardus Kelly Pepuho, and Melky Arnesius Papare admitted that they were proud of the enthusiasm of the Timika children.

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