Sea Toll Support in XX PON Accommodation Distribution in Papua 2021 – The Ministry of Transportation cq the Directorate General of Sea Transportation through the Jayapura Class II KSOP Office continues to coordinate the implementation of the T-19 Sea Freight Transport (Sea Toll) Route. This is done to maximize the role of the marine highway in the biggest national sporting event, namely the National Sports Week (PON) XX in October 2021.

Head of KSOP Class II Jayapura, Taher Laitupa, said that later the sea toll road would play an important role in the distribution of accommodation for PON needs, both for athletes and committees. In addition, currently the demand of the people in Papua continues to increase so that the performance of the Sea Highway continues to be maximized.

“Currently, the level of community need for using the sea toll is very high and also for the implementation of the national event, PON XX, in Merauke and Mimika districts,” said Taher.

Taher said that this will be used as a momentum to boost regional potential in producing the superior commodities which will later be distributed through the sea highway.

The leading commodities that are currently being produced are to meet the needs of the PON XX of Papua, such as processed wood in the form of furniture.

Head of Disperindagkop & UKM Papua Province Laduani through the Head of Ronting Industry, said the development of processed wood into furniture is a mainstay product that steadily increase from the Regency and City & Regency of Jayapura through local business actors.

Later, these furniture products will become accommodation for athletes and committee members of the PON XX and also meet the needs of the community.

The Head of the Jayapura Regency Transportation Service, Alfons Awaitouw, explained that the Sea Toll cargo on the T-19 route continues to increase in line with the advanced level of community needs by using the Sea Toll Service at the Port of Depapre.

Furthermore, the Head of Domestic Trade, Disperindagkop and UKM of Papua Province Herman Bless conveyed several components of accommodation through KM. Lognus 2 on the T-19 route to support the needs of athletes. The committee also uses superior commodities, including during this 7th voyage.

In addition to sofas, spring beds as well as beds and chairs, these local industrial commodities also produce handicrafts and decorations for the hospitality industry and household appliances needs.

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