Sea Highway Demonstrates Its Reach to Isolated Tribes at Papua – In commemoration of National Transportation Day (Harhubnas) 2021, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) cq the Directorate General of Sea Transportation (Ditjen Hubla) through KSOP Class II Jayapura with the Papuan Medical Community Without Borders and the Papua Senior and Millennial Forum (FORSEMI) in collaboration with Klasis Kemtuk Gresi held medical services and logistics distribution for the Sea Toll Road in the form of food for the Elseng Tribe and the Bangai village community, in the South Gresi District, Genyem, Jayapura Regency. Their existence is still isolated and nomadic in Tanah Tabi [Tabi Land], Papua.

The Elseng tribe is one of the tribes in Tanah Tabi that is still isolated, primitive and nomadic. The government’s efforts so far have not been able to fully reach the Elseng Tribe. This activity, according to the Head of the Papuan Medical Community Without Borders who is also a Young Doctor graduated from the Cenderawasih University in Jayapura, Ruth Yoteni, is a clear proof of the government’s efforts to assist people in the secluded  areas who are still isolated.

A Head of KSOP Class II Jayapura, Taher Laitupa said the current National Strategic Sea Highway Program can continue to reach every region of Papua anywhere.

“This is expected to be a momentum for all National Components, especially Maritime Stakeholders in Papua Province to steadily synergize and increase the use of the Sea Toll Road which is increasing day by day by continuing to Multimodal Transportation,” he said, Monday (20/9/2021).

Meanwhile, the Head of Jayapura Class II KSOP Sea Transportation Traffic & Port Business, Willem Thobias Fofid, said that in 2021 the increase in the use of the Sea Toll Road with Logistics connectivity will continue to increase.

The health service activities were conducted for two days in Bangai Village, South Gresi. This activity is a health service program for the Papuan Medical Community Without Borders. The target of health services is not only for the community from the Elseng Tribe and the Bangai Village community, but also the services for livestock health, and even assistance in exploring development for schools of the Elseng Tribe.

For information, the Sea Toll Road in Papua continues to increase. This can be seen from the number of cargoes on Voyage 8 and 9 on Route T-19 across Papua which reached 61 Containers, as well as on other routes in the Papua and West Papua region on Route T-9 and Route T-11 which continued to increase later followed by an increase in departing cargo on Route T-22, Route T-23, Route T-24, Route T-25 and even the addition of a ship’s service trajectory on Route T-26 that can serve up to Mumugu, Nduga Regency.

Including currently the latest innovation breakthrough of the Directorate of Traffic and Sea Transportation, the Directorate General of Hubla has added two more routes for logistics distribution in the southern region of Papua, namely the T-27 Merauke – Pomako route, and the T-28 route to reach the southern regions of Papua, NTT and Maluku.

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