Salomina Yarisetouw, a Wonder Woman Papua in the Boxing Ring – The Indonesian Amateur Boxing Association (Pertina) of Papua prepared 17 of its best boxers to appear at the National Sports Week (PON) XX. Salomina Yarisetouw will still be one of the mainstays of Pertina Papua to achieve the gold medal.

Salomina Yarisetouw is not a new boxer. This female boxer who was born in Demta, Jayapura Regency, May 24, 1993, will compete in PON for the third time. The first PON for her was in Riau in 2012.

Unfortunately, despite having succeeded in bringing Papua up to the Riau PON, Salomina failed to appear. She resigned because there was a slight problem.

Salomina finally made her debut at PON XIX at West Java in 2016. At that time, she was one of two female boxers who present medals for the Papuan contingent. She won a silver medal in the 64 kg light welterweight class.

“The first PON of me in Riau I passed the class, but I did not continue to PON because I had a little problem and I resigned. At West Java PON,  I participated and achieved a silver medal. Now at PON Papua, this is the third time,” said Salomina to the media crew, Tuesday (17/8/21).

In addition to the silver medal at PON XIX of West Java, Salomina also recorded a number of achievements in several championships during her career in the boxing ring.

“I started to practice boxing in 2010 and the first time I competed at the Biak Regional Championship in December 2010. I have participated in many tournaments, such as National Championships, Vice President Cup, and many more. The medals I achieved were bronze, silver, and even gold,” she said.

Salomina said that she first learned about boxing from TNI members named Luter Imbir and Nelson Sorontou. The figure of the two people inviting and taught her a boxing martial art. He also migrated from her hometown for being a professional boxer.

“The two of them met me in Demta District, when I was playing volleyball, that’s where they offered to join the sport of boxing. I accepted the offer, but because I had never practiced boxing, they taught me the basics of boxing. Then I was taken to participate in the athlete selection,” she recalls.

Salomina finally passed the selection. She then met with a coach Ayub Epa and a boxing referee Septinus Yarisetouw. From there his talent as a boxer continued to be sharpened.

“I am motivated by the legendary Papuan boxers. They often tell me about their experiences. I embeded in my heart, even though I am a woman, but I believe I can be too. I want my parents to be able to watch me on television. I train hard with minimal equipment,” he said.

“The coach has always taught me discipline, humility, patience, and must have a good mentality, so that what I want is achieved and I always follow my coach’s advice until I can be in my position right now. I am grateful because I am now taking part in PON XX where we will be the host,” he continued.

Salomina and Norbertha Tajum will still be the focus of Pertina Papua in the women’s number to win the gold medal at PON XX. She gets optimistic that he can surpass his achievements five years ago in West Java.

“Yes, I get optimistic, because I won the PON in West Java. If God wills it,  from the silver medal it must be into a gold medal and it must be because this is PON in our own land. Who doesn’t want to carve out a history of achievement in their own land? Because sporting events like this take a long time and are impossible to repeat,” she concluded.

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