Sad News from Yapen, Priest Budi Sikowai Passed Away – Sad news wrapped the Yapen Islands Regency, Papua. Priest Budi Sikowai passed away while undergoing medical treatment at the Biak Regional General Hospital.

Priest Budi Sikowai is a Chairman of the East Yapen Classical GKI who has served dozens of Christians. Priest Budi Sikowai reportedly experienced a decline in his health condition while participating in the 18th Synod activities in Waropen Regency.

Priest Budi Sikowai was carried out to Biak Hospital because of high blood tension on July 20, 2022. A day later, on July 21, 2022, Reverend Budi Sikowai passed away.

The Secretary of the Yapen Islands, Erny R Tania, expressed deep condolences for the passing of Priest Budi Sikowai who had served the congregation in the eastern Yapen string area.

According to Erny R Tania, Priest Budi Sikowai’s dedication to serving Christians is invaluable, especially since he has served in the eastern end of the Yapen Islands Regency.

“He (the late Reverend Budi Sikowai) was very total in his service, also greatly supported the government in the religious field,” said Erny when picking up the corpse at Serui Harbor, Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

She also prayed for the families who had also been left behind so that God would always give them strength and fortitude. “We believe that God will give the best place for the deceased, of course with so much goodness that the deceased has spread,” she concluded.

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